Friday, December 17, 2010


Just a couple more days until THAT day. You know what I'm talking about, CHRISTMAS!! I can't wait. Just today we bought our Christmas tree and found all of our decorations to put on it. It was very fun decorating the tree. I hope all of you have one too. They make Christmas even more fun than it already is.

I hope you all have an awesome Christmas and a very, very happy new year. See you in 2011!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


As some of you may know we had prizegiving on Thursday the 9th of December. It was awesome and the team 4 girls item was too. Some girls from Rm 15 were told to make an animation called night of my life because the song that we were doing our item to was called "Night of Your Life". I chose prizegiving as the night of my life. This is my animation.


Finally after so much hard training it was time for the weetbix triathlon. I was super, super, super excited. A group of kids from Pt. England got to compete in this event, and I got to be one of them. Lots of people helped us with the triathlon and one of them was Hayley Palmer. That is her in the picture above. She won bronze at the commonwealth games for NZ. She is a swimmer so she helped everyone a lot with that.

In a triathlon you swim, bike and run. I thought the whole triathlon was pretty easy, but if I had to pick the hardest one it would have to have been the swimming.

At the weetbix triathlon there were three celebrities. They were Temepara George , Debbie Tanner and Cameron Brown.


This is our entry in the Manaiakalani Film Festival.
Last term we were learning about Mighty Mariners and our group had to research Leif Erickson and present what we had found out. This is the movie we made about him.
Litia, Rita, Shoal and Vivienne. (Thanks also to Starford for the Eric the Red graphic.

Leif Erikson from KPE TV on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 Year 5 Reflection

What have you enjoyed this year?

I really enjoyed camp because I thought it was pretty cool how on the first day we were out of the school grounds and we went to skateland, ten pin bowling and rock climbing. Then on the second day we stayed near school and did orienteering, kayaking and camp cooking.

What have you enjoyed learning the most?

I enjoyed learning about Mighty Mariners. I got to learn about lots of
interesting and brave people from very long ago. But what made this topic even more interesting was that there were still some mariners, like Jesse Martin and Jessica Watson, that weren’t from thousands of years ago. They were just from a couple of years ago so that was fun.

Which things would you have liked to have done more of?

I would have liked to have done a lot more art because I love to draw and paint. Plus I’m sure that everyone else would probably want to do more art as well.

Which things do you think you could have worked harder at?

I definitely could have worked a lot harder at my writing. This subject is one that lots of people struggle with and I want to get really good at it.

What were some of your best memories from this year?

My best memories are from our trips to One Tree hill and the Maritime Museum. Those trips were really fun because we got to learn more about our topic out of school and show what we had already learnt.

What goal or goals have you got set for next year?

My goal is to get much, much better at my writing so I can be the best.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Interschool Athletics

“Take your marks, get set,BANG!,” It was the interschool athletics for 2010. All of the schools from around Glen Innes had gathered at Pt. England to compete against each other in events like high jump, shot put, discus, softball throw and of course running. I was competing in the 75m sprint and high jump. I was very nervous.

First we started with the 400m run. Four hundred metres is two laps around the field. Lucky I didn’t have to do it. On the running tracks every time someone from Pt. England sprinted pass I would cheer so hard for them.Then finally “ 9yr old girls for the 75m heats,” called Mr J on the loud speaker.I walked slowly down to the start of the tracks with Serena, who is another nine yr old. She is really fast.. My heart was beating really fast. “ Please get into the final, please get into the final,” I said over and over again in my head. Finally all of the nine yr old girls got up and sat behind the line at the start of the tracks. In the heats each school is given a lane that all of the kids use from that school. Pt. England people raced in lane 4. “Take your marks, get set,BANG!,”. I was off, sprinting as fast as I could. My heart was pounding as I raced past all of the Pt. Englanders.”Go Litia,” they all shouted. At the end of the race I ended up coming 2nd, but sadly in the finals I didn’t come anything.

Finally it was morning tea time but after it was time for high jump. I hoped that I would come something in this event. The problem was that I was in the relays and that was going on at the same time that I was doing high jump. But luckily it all worked out but I just had to keep going back and forth. In the U10 relays Pt. England came 2nd to Glen Innes primary. Then I went back to the high jump. The other person from Pt. England that was in the high jump was Huelo-ata. In the school athletics she came 1st and I came 2nd but at interschools Huelo-ata came 3rd, a girl from Glen Innes primary came 2nd and I came 1st!! I was extremely happy.

I had an awesome time at athletics getting to compete against other girls my age from around the Tamaki cluster. I can’t wait for next year.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ext Year 5 Girls"Rewind"

Recently we had the manaiakalani film festival. One of the amazing movies that was showed was one called "Rewind" from room 6 at St. Pius. It was a very clever movie that needed a lot of practice. They had to film and do everything in reverse! The extension group at Pt. England, with the inspiration from St. Pius, decided to make a "Rewind" movie of their own. We all got in to groups of 3 or 4 and had to choose one of our korero's and make a movie in reverse. My group was made up of Vivienne, Rita, Shoal and myself. We chose the korero Purua to Potae. Because we wear hats at our school this korero is very important.

Our movie was extremely easy compared to St. Pius. What makes it even more difficult is that you have to do it all in ONE take! We took ages just to make a 30 second movie and St. Pius's one was about 3 minutes. Rita and Vivienne, who are the main actors in our movie, look very funny in our movie because remember they are actually walking backwards.

Make sure you check out their blog and leave a comment. Just click on the link above.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comonwealth minibeasts

This term the school wide inquiry is Little Critters. In extension when the term started the commonwealth games were on, so we names of sports that were being played or competed in at the commonwealth games, in to a hat and then we picked one out of a hat. The one that you got was the one that you had to find a NZ athlete competing in it and or another athlete that was doing that sport and had won a medal. I picked out diving, which I thought was a very cool and interesting sport, and found a girl named Gabrielle Armstrong-Scott who is only a 14 yr old NZ girl from Wellington. And to make our movie relate to our topic we had to say" if my athlete was a minibeast it would be a.....," and say what it would be based on its habitat and lifestyle. Watch my movie to learn more about Gabrielle and what little critter I compared her to.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Scientists have classified the animal kingdom in to groups based on different characteristics. Vertebrates and Invertebrates are the two main categories.

Vertebrates are animals with backbones,such as birds,reptiles,amphibians,fish and mammals. Humans count as mammals because we are warm-blooded,we have hair, we grow young inside our mothers and we suckle milk from them.

Invertebrates are animals with no backbone.They make up 97% of the animal kingdom and comprise of 7 groups.One of the groups are arthropods.They have an exoskeleton,a segmented body and jointed legs.Another group is the annelidas which are worms. One more is the molluscs which are soft-bodied invertebrates like snails and slugs.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Halloween with Teresa

“Hi Teresa” I said excitedly as she walked into my house. We ran up the stairs while my dad kept talking to Teresa’s. I went outside to show her my dog Jess and my two rabbits Sandy and Coal.”This is my friend Teresa” I said to my dog.Jess is black and really cute. Once Teresa’s caregiver was gone we went back down stairs to the garage. Then she found Isara’s ripstik and she became addicted to it. She learnt how to ride it really fast.

Later on we drove to the Trunk or Treat that my Aunty To’a had organised for her church. But we got invited anyway Trunk or Treat was something that my aunty had made up. It was when people decorated the back of their cars and the children went around collecting lots of lollies. In one of the trunks this lady had a bowl of jelly with some fake spiders in it. The bowl had a sheet over it so we had to reach in and try to get a spider. I didn't get one I just got a big handful of red gunk on my hand. "Ooh, it was disgusting”. Some other cars had some cool things in them too.

I had so much fun at the Trunk or Treat, especially because Teresa was there, and I hope the next time she comes over to my house we will have as much fun as we did this time.


Finally, after so much hard work from Mr and Mrs Burt, the netbooks have arrived. The lucky year 7’s got to be the first ones to use them. The year 5 extension group got to go into the hall and watch the room 19 and 20 students recieve their computers. They all looked very excited. All I was thinking about was when I would get one.

The netbooks are not just for Pt. England though they are for every yr 5-13 in the Tamaki cluster. And we even get free wireless internet. That means we could go to the park or the shops and still be able to work on our netbooks. Everyone that gets them will be very,very lucky.

The benefits of having these netbooks are being able to continue working at home and collaborate with others,we don’t have to wait to have a turn on the computer at school and we don’t have need much stationery.Plus it will just be really fun!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dental Clinic Demolishing

In preparation for the intermediate block, and with the completion of the new dental clinic, the old one was demolished. Before it was destroyed on Friday one of the builders were prising off the weatherboards with a crowbar to make it easier to destroy.

As the ginormous jaws came crashing down onto the building the windows shattered and beams splintered as it slowly collapsed. The predatory digger flattened the huge pile of rubble.

We all said our final goodbyes as the digger finished destroying the Old Dental Clinic.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Swimming at Pt. England

Shivering and shuddering,I slowly put on my damp and clammy life jacket. I fidgeted for a while with my buckles trying to make it fit as snug as I could. The life jacket was still wet from the last group but I got used to it quickly.

Chris from Water Safety NZ,was going to teach us how to swim and what to do in difficult situations when your in the water. On Monday a pool,that was enclosed by a big white tent and a fence, magically appeared on the netball court next to Tusitala. Finally it was Rm 15’s turn. I couldn’t wait to get in.

As I walked slowly into the pool my teeth chattered and I got goose bumps all over my body. Screaming and squealing, I walked off of the platform that was under the water and made a big splash. Luckily the life jacket kept me above the surface.

“SSSH”, Chris tried to calm us down. He told the whole class to get into a huddle. A huddle is when you get into a group. Then we had lie down on our backs while holding on to the person next to you. Instead of timing us by counting Chris told us to sing the National Anthem.It was terrible!! Everybody sang out of tune and Miss Garden said that she could hear us all the way from her class. Chris gently spun our circle around while we kept singing hideously.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Immersion Assembly

On a cold Monday morning the whole school gathered in the hall for the
start of term immersion assembly. Everybody sat down in their lines
waiting patiently for it to begin. All of the teachers were dressed up
as bugs like ants, spiders, bees and lots of other little creatures.
The topic for this term was Little Critters.

Mr Burt came crawling down the aisle dressed up as a mosquito. Then I
heard someone whispering in to a microphone. I didn’t realise that it
was Mr Burt doing it until he got up onto the stage because he had a
mask on. He was saying things to Mr J like “I’m going to suck your

that all of the teams started performing their items. Out of all of the
performances my favourite was team 4. The teachers in team 4 were Ms
Squires, Miss King, Miss Va’afusuaga , Miss Garden and Mr Barks. They
were acting as a bee colony. Mr Barks was the Queen bee and the others
were worker bees. Ms Squires was feeding Mr Barks and Miss King and
Miss Va’afusuaga were dancing while Miss Garden swept the floor. The
funniest part for me was when Mr Barks pulled out babies from under his
skirt. They were just little teddy bears all wrapped up. One time Mr
Barks pulled out two babies and said that they were twins.

second favourite item was the team 3 one. It was called NZ’s Next Top
Little Critter. At first the music was going and the teachers were
walking and posing around the stage. Then Mrs Barks started saying
things like”I’m fabulous” and other things like that because she was a
lady bug. Then everybody started laughing when Mr Barks called out “I
love you” to her. After that the other teachers started saying lots of
interesting facts about themselves. When it was Miss MacKinlay’s turn
she said that they were actually called lady birds.

immersion assembly was really cool and I can’t wait to learn about some
more little critters.I hope this term will be as good as all of the other ones.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Canterbury Earthquake

At 4 am on Saturday the 4thof September there was an unexpected earthquake that hit Canterbury. It reached 7.1 on the Richter scale which was about the same as the earthquake that happened in Haiti. In Christchurch there are lots of unstable buildings that just collapsed and left bricks lying on the ground everywhere.

Houses all over the city were badly damaged and many are uninhabitable at the moment. At least 100,000 homes were affected in this disaster and 450 will have to be demolished. Even though the main earthquake that happened on Saturday is over aftershocks are causing more trouble.

Ruptured pipes have caused many dangers as sewage pipes might mix with peoples drinking water and make them very sick. That is why everyone that has water has to boil it for three minutes before using it. Falling glass and rubble was and still is another danger during this time.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cross Country



I sat waiting anxiously on the hard court. My legs were covered with goose bumps as I shivered with cold. Everyone had their house colours on. I am in Takitimu so I was wearing a yellow T-shirt. It was cross country time for Pt. England. When one race started I cheered as herd as I could for my house. But I think I cheered the loudest for Teresa who was in the 10yr old girls race. After waiting for about ten minutes the 9yr old girls got called to get ready to race. Once the boys who were in front of us went out of the gate it was time for us to start. “ On your marks, get set” “BANG!!!” Mr Burt slammed his clappers together. All of the girls were cramped in a big bunch. I tried as hard as I could to get out of the group.Once we got around the field I started to pick up the pace as my legs got use to the squishy mud.

When we got to about halfway I felt like dropping to the ground. But I was determined not to stop. Sometimes my jog almost turned into a walk. I knew that I couldn’t come first in the race but I could definitely come second I just needed to make sure I could sprint near the end. The race was almost over so I felt like a balloon that had almost run out of air. But luckily I still had enough energy to sprint past Tauwhare. After I did that I knew I was going to come second. But then I saw another girl from the nine year olds who was in front of me. I sprinted past her and up to the finish line coming second.

I was happy about coming second but hopefully I can come second next year. The best part about this years cross country was that Takitimu won the house points.GO TAKITIMU!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Second Netball Game

It was the last netball game for the whole season.And only my second. Our opponents were Victoria Ave. They looked really good so I couldn’t wait to get on that court and beat them. My position for the first half was WA(wing attack)and in the second half it was GD(goal defence).But then we found out that we had to play the position that we were meant to play in the first half second and the second one first.

This game was majorly important because if we won our team would be the second best year five team in Auckland!! But it still means that Holy Cross comes first.

Everyone ran into the centre third as soon as the ref blew her whistle. My partner was really fast so she kept me busy inside and out of the shooting circle. When she tried to shoot I was defending her but I kept getting called for obstruction. By half time my team had only scored one goal while Victoria Ave had scored four. “If you don’t kick their butts I’ll kick yours” Ms Tito shouted at us. We quickly did our cheer and got into position.

Our little talk at half time seemed to really help because we kept getting goal after goal. It was amazing. I just knew we were going to win. At the end of the game the score was 12-4 to us. Yay!! So that made The Yr 5 Stars 2nd in Auckland.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two New Pets in the House

On Sunday my Dad,brother and sister left home at about nine o’clock in the morning to buy two baby rabbits. As soon as they got home I ran downstairs to see them. The two rabbits were both females. One was black so my sister named her Coal and the other rabbit was the colour of sand so her name is Sandy. They were so cute. Coal was four weeks old and Sandy was five weeks. The two rabbits are half sisters because they have the same Dad but different Mums. We already had a hutch for them. My Grandad
actually built it for them because a couple of weeks before we bought the rabbits my little brother called him and asked if he wanted to.

The lady that we bought the rabbits off gave us their birth certificates
and we also had to buy food,hay,the water bottle for them and nail
clippers.Coal and Sandy seemed alright with moving into a new home. We
cut up an apple and we grated some carrots to feed them with.

Sandy was very squirmy and when you hold her she keeps climbing up to your
shoulders. I don’t think she really likes being cuddled she just likes
sitting on your lap and she likes my sister,Alosina the best. But Coal
actually loves just being tucked up in your arms and she loves my other
sister Tinei. Now we have three pets in our house and they are all
girls. We have a dog and her name is Jess. When Jess saw the rabbits she
went crazy. We immediately got her out of the room. But she has calm
down. I hope she gets use to her new little room mates because they are
going to be living together for the rest of their lives.

Our Trip at the Maritime Museum

“I can’t wait to go on the boat” I said excitedly to Vivienne.Rooms 15,18 and 14 were on a trip at the Maritime Museum to learn more about our topic, Mighty Mariners. I was having a great time so far and I knew that the boat was going to be awesome.

Although it was going to be the last thing to do on our trip we had a tour around the Maritime Museum. First up we were led into the museum by a gruff and grumpy man called Salty Sam. He bellowed orders throughout the whole tour ,”Don’t touch that”, Don’t talk” or “Don’t volunteer yourself if you don’t know what your volunteering for”. One of the the things that  Salty Sam talked about on the tour was how Sir Peter Blake was murdered by pirates. It was so sad.

After we finished looking through the whole museum everyone came out to watch a cannon blow up. We all started counting down from ten, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1” BOOM”. I was so suprised at what a big noise it made for such a little cannon.

After watching the awesome cannon we were going to watch a small movie.  Entering the theatre room felt like we were actually at the movies,except for the part that we had to sit on hard wooden forms. There were three massive screens on the wall in the circular room. Suddenly the whole room darkened as the automatic doors started closing. Then I saw Ms Squires sneak in quickly before it was pitch black.

At the start of the movie it was about some polynesians having a farewell before going on a long journey. All of the people were dancing and singing. The men were loading food for their trip like pigs,chickens and fruit. Finally all the people boarded the boat and got ready to sail across the sea. Everyone was waving goodbye to them.

On the journey the people used fishing birds,pods of whales,stars,the sun,and the moon to navigate. Isn’t that amazing! I think it is so cool how people could use all of these things to find land. At the end of the movie the sailors were met by an elderly man who gave the little boy a beautiful taonga.

Finally it was time for the best part on the whole trip. The boat ride. But there was a change of plans. The wind was too rough and the small boat that we were meant to go on only had one engine, but I was happy that that happened because now we were going on a huge ferry!! I had already been on a ferry before. It is really fun,except at night once when I was on a ferry with my family, they were all asleep except my sister and I, it felt like we were going to tip over. When we got onto the ferry everybody sprinted up the steep and small stairs and ran outside. We were all going to Devonport. When we started moving I looked down at the nice white patterns that the engine was making with the waves.When the ferry ride was over I was sad that the trip had finished. Then we got on the bus and went back to school. I almost fell asleep and Vivienne tried to take pictures of me but then I deleted them.

The End

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One of My Favourite Singers

One of my favourite singers are Stan Walker. Stan Walker became famous because he won Australian idol. But Stan Walker is actually a New Zealander. My favourite song that Stan Walker has done so far is “I choose you”. It is really cool. Another one of my favourite songs by Stan Walker is “Stuck in a Box”. This song is by Stan Walker and Young Sid. I really like it. Stan Walker is a really good singer and I can’t wait to hear more of his songs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Favourite Netball player

Recently the ANZ netball championship has been on. I absolutely love netball and my favourite team from the championship was the Mystics. The Mystics are the team for Auckland and my favourite player from that team is Althea Byfield. She is awesome on the netball court. She is normally GK (Goal Keep). Althea Byfield is really good at jumping for the ball to get an intercept which helps her team a lot. I really like Althea Byfield because she plays defense and I love playing defense to. That is probably why she is my favourite player.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion Assembly for Term 3

‘Do you know what the topic is called?” I asked Tauwhare as we walked into a hall full of kids gossiping and teachers dressed in the weirdest costumes. I knew what our topic was going to be about, it was about famous explorers, I just didn’t know it’s title. Once everyone settled down and stopped talking Mr Burt shouted “Tena koutou tamariki ma”.”Tena koe Mr Burt” everyone responded back. Immersion assembly for term 3 had started.

First Mr Burt told us about his awesome trip around America. It looked like he had a lot of fun. I wish I could go to America. But one thing that I think Mr Burt wouldn’t have liked was having to sleep on the ground in a hallway at his conference which is what he had to do. When Mr Burt told us about his adventure around America it was like he was an explorer. He had told us about this trip because our topic is Mighty Mariners.

As soon as Mr Burt was finished talking, all of the teams did there little items. My favourite was team 5. Ms Tito was pretending to be Jessica Watson who is a very young explorer. She circumnavigated the world solo when she was only sixteen!! She started in 2009 and finished in 2010. Ms Tito was really funny because she was using a strong Australian accent.

Immersion assembly was so cool and I can’t wait to learn about more mighty mariners.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Year 5 & 6 Extension:Mt. Tarawera Project Reflection

This term at Pt. England School our topic is Active Earth. Active Earth is all about volcanoes,earthquakes,tsunamis and other natural disasters. For the last couple of weeks the year 5&6 extension group have been working in groups, learning about the eruption of Mt. Tarawera that destroyed the beautiful pink and white terraces. Here is my reflection of this project.


.I think one of the purposes for this project was to see how well we worked in a team and what one person did to contribute to the group.

.One of the other purposes I think was to show the rest of the school what we do in extension and see what they think.

.Another purpose was that it was quite important for us to learn about this eruption because it was in New Zealand and effected kiwis,and we are kiwis to.

Brick wall

The thing that held me back in this project was that I put alot of pressure on myself about the time limit and that stressed me out and stopped me from just getting on with doing my work and helping my group.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Year 5 & 6 Extension:Mt. Tarawera

For a while the year 5&6 extension group has been learning about the mean eruption of Mt. Tarawera that destroyed one of the eight wonders of the world,the amazing pink and white terraces. Everybody in the class contributed to make one big movie to show what happened before ,during and after the eruption.

Everybody had little groups that they worked in to show their part of the story. My group was made up of Toreka, Crusader, Kingston and I.In our group we were working on what happened before the eruption.

It was mainly about one day when a group of tourists and the tour guide Sophia were going to see the terraces when suddenly in the distance they saw a strange looking waka with people in it who looked like they almost had dog heads and human bodies. As sophia and her group of tourists went closer it looked like the dog people were duplicating and then when they went even closer they started to disappear one by one. Then the whole waka disappeared.

This is what you will see on the movie below

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who Am I?

My core consists of nickel and iron, and has a temperature of 5000 degrees Celsius. Amazingly it is the hottest layer inside of me.
I also have a mantel that has hot molten rock that is constantly rising to my surface and then sinking back down closer to my core. My outermost layer, the crust, is amazingly made of separate plates that connect together like a jigsaw puzzle. The plates of the crust are overlapping, crashing and slipping sideways all the time.

Who am I?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Isara's birthday

On the 21st of June my brother,Isara, was turning 8. But even though his real birthday was on the 21st we had his little party on the 19th. We had to do it like that because the 21st was on a Monday and the 19th was on a Saturday. Isara invited four friends to come to his birthday. They were Uili,Rocky,Wyatt and Esrah. Before Isara could have his party he had to go to his league game. Then my dad took Isara and I to get all his friends.

For Isaras birthday we were going to Chipmunks. My dad was taking us to the Chipmunks in Pakuranga. As soon as we got to Chipmunks Isara and his friends quickly took their shoes off and sprinted off to go and play for the next two hours. I went straight off to the ball pit. It was really cool there because they had done renovations to it. Now there was a machine right in the middle where you put the foam balls in at the bottom and then they will explode out of the top, a little bit like a volcano.
There was also these guns planted up the top, that you had to climb up some stairs to get to. First you had to collect some balls and then you load them up into the gun. When you have got two or three balls in the gun you press a button and then the balls will shoot out. I was playing for a really long time. After a while I was getting a little bit bored so I went to my dad who was sitting at the table reading the newspaper."I'm hungry" I complained to him. " Okay, I'll order some chips" he said back to me. So he bought two little baskets full of chips. They were really nice. When we finished the chips it was back to the playground for another half an hour.

After that we went to the cheesecake shop to get Isara's birthday cake. We got him a really nice chocolate cake. Then we got a PS2 game to play.
Finally it was time to go home. When we got back to my house Isara and all his friends went into the garage because it has a computer and a PS2 to play on. I sprinted up the stairs and on the table were bowls of lollies, chips, and sausage rolls. There were also two big bottles of some fizzy drink."Yum" I exclaimed.
Finally some people started coming. It was my cousin, Te Ana and her mum and dad. Then we called everyone to the table to have the all the food that was on the table. It was so nice. I probably ate the most out of everyone. Then Isara opened his presents. He got a kite, a PS2 game, and a soccer ball. He also got eighty dollars. But my favourite present was from my mum and my dad. It was a ripstik, which is kind of like a skateboard except it only has two wheel. I loved the ripstik because I could play on it as well.
Finally it was time to have the cake. We put some candles on the cake and then we had to light them. Then we started singing happy birthday to Isara. He then got to take the first cut out of the cake and make a wish at the same time. Then everyone ate the cake. It was delicious, but a little bit too rich. But I still ate two huge pieces of the chocolate cake. After eating so much I really had to just sit down because if I ate anymore my stomach would burst. So I just went and played playstation in the garage.
Finally all of Isara's friends went back to their own houses. I think Isara loved his eighth birthday and he can't wait for his ninth one,which will be even better.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock our World Row12 WOW

During the weekend the year 5&6 extension group had a family night to finish off this fantastic round of Rock our World. This is the fifth round of ROW that Pt. England has been apart of. This round was called Walk our World(WOW).It was all about designing a shoe based on the theme change. We also had to get into groups, design another shoe and do a little advertisement to try and sell the it.In my group it was only Mubasshira and I. The whole extension group also had to had to make an ad as well. This is what we showed at the family night to everyone else that took part in Rock our World. Here are my my reflections for ROW12

What did I do well?

In ROW I think I did a good job designing my shoe.

How could I have improved on what I did?

I could have designed my shoe based more on the theme of "change".

Brick Wall

What held you back from doing better?

What held me back was being really shy and not standing up and taking all of the oppurtunities that I should have.


What is the purpose in taking part of ROW?

.Connecting with people around the world.

.Learning from other people who have been successful since they were children like us.

.Meeting world famous people.

.Getting good oppurtunities all through life.

My Last Netball Game on the Sideline

Yay!!Finally it is the last time that I have to painfully watch my netball team play without me. If you're wondering why I haven't been playing for the last 5 weeks it is because I broke my arm. I have got a bright green cast on it now. It is really annoying. Luckily I am getting it off on Tuesday the 8th of June. One of the worst parts was that I broke my arm on the same week that our first netball game was, plus I am the vice-captain. But it will all be over soon. Tonight (3rd of June 2010)is the last game that I have to watch from the sideline. Or second to last because my arm might still be weak and skinny when this cast comes off. My worst fear is that my arm will be really hairy.Ugh!!

I hope that my team wins this game. Apparently we are playing a team called Victoria at 5:05 on court 7. Vivienne said that they were easy. I was pretty happy when she said that.

Finally the bell went for after school. I walked quickly and quietly out into the walkway to wait for my team. But when I got there none of my team were there. Not even our coach,Miss Tito. I ran around to the car park to see if anyone was coming out of room but no one was. So I just went back to the walkway. Finally two netball people came. It was Mary and Ramona. "Hi" I shouted to them. After that I actually went all the way up to room 15 and then everybody came rushing out. Then I saw Vivienne. "finally, the bell went ages ago" I said to her laughing.We both had a race back to the walkway. The whole team was there now. So we all just sat down and ate a snack while we waited for our uniforms. Then Mrs Jarman came out with the big red box of uniforms. Everybody raced over to the box and tried to get their ones. Finally people started racing off to the toilets to get changed. After that my team had a little warm up and then we would drive down to the Auckland Netball courts to play our game. My mum took me in her car because there wasn't enough space to go with my team in the cars they were going in. I was about to freeze. Luckily I had a big warm coat to wear. When I got to the netball courts my mum gave me and my brother some money to go and get some hot chippies. They were D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. When I had my chips I walked around to try and find my team. Then I found them. After they had a small warm up it was game time. Everyone ran to there starting positions and waited for the umpire to blow her whistle. "GO PT. ENGLAND" I shouted at my team. The sub for our team was Rita so I was cheering on the sideline with her. We were both shouting so loud. I really wanted my team to win this. "DEFENCE" I kept screaming at them. Everyone was doing really well. It was cool because the year six diamonds were on the court right next to us. So sometimes I would turn around and watch their game for a while. Finally the first half was over. The team all had a little drink and a talk about what we were doing well and what we could do a bit better. When we finished the team all huddled together and did our cheer. Our teams name was ALL STARS so our cheer was,"ALL STARS,ALL STARS,GO ALL STARS"."COME ON GIRLS" I shouted at them as they scrambled to their starting positions. The umpire blew her whistle to get the second half up and going. I just knew that the PT. ENGLAND ALL STARS were going to be awesome and win this game. Everything was going smoothly. We were just getting the ball, throwing it nicely into the circle, and shooting it into the hoop. The next sub for the second half was Vivienne but she just stood by her mum most of the time. Then after a while she came over to the sideline with me and cheered on our team for the rest of the game."YAY" we won. I can't remember the score but we did win.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Iron Brian

"Miss Squires what are those people doing making hamburgers?" I asked suspiciously as I looked at the people sizzling patties. Right after that Miss Squires got everyone to line up. We were going to the hall.
When we got there we sat down and just waited. I could hear everyone chattering with excitement.Suddenly everyone all went silent as a man came running up the aisle and jumped up onto the stage."Hi guys" he shouted. We all shouted back at him saying hi. It sounded like there was a big lion roaring. After the loud noise died down the man introduced himself and said that his name was Eddie. After that another person came onto the stage. Her name was Sarah. Eddie told us that they were playing hide and seek with Iron Brian. "Who is that"? I asked smiling. After that we shouted and made as much noise as we could, suddenly a man dressed up in a suit with a really fat head jumped out from the side of the stage. I got a fright. It was Iron Brian. Then he revealed where he was hiding. Iron Brian told us that he was hiding behind the girls toilets."ooh" all the boys said. Finally they told us exactly why they were here. It was because we were going to learn about the good meats to eat. So they had about four or five big cards that were facing ore backwards on the stage. As soon as they were finished explaining Sarah turned over the first card. It had a picture of Iron Brian saying meat and meat alternatives. After that Iron Brian told us that red meats were better than white meats. Red meats are better because they have more iron. The red meats are steak and beef and other things like that. But the white meats are fish and chicken. When Sarah flipped over the next card it said fruit and vegies. I like fruit but i'm not that crazy about vegies. My least favourite vegetable is beans. But I don't hate every vegetable. If I have to choose a favourite I would say carrots. They are nice and juicy. Anyway the next card was dairy products. So that included milk,youghurts and cheese. Dairy food is very good for you because it has calcium which makes your bones strong. And finally the last card was of course cereals and bread that is one of the the things that we can eat in the morning. That was the last card I was getting tired. But then we had to get up and do a dance. I let out a loud sigh and stood up. First we learnt the dance and then we did it with music. When we learnt it we were split into groups and had a little competitition. Finally the show was over, there was still one more surprise. Everyone was going to get free burgers. Yummy!!! So we got up and went outside to get our burgers. They were delicious. I hope Iron Brian comes again.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Life of a Bowling Pin

I waited anxiously watching people stream into the bowling alley. We all stood still in two lines like an army of ants. Some children started coming into our aisle. Shouts of excitement filled the air. Everyone went quiet as the first little girl collected her ball and got ready to take the first shot. Please don't hurt me! I shut my eyes and waited for the first big hit!
"Incoming" I shouted to the rest of the pins.

The bowling ball accelerated as it came closer and closer to us. Smash! It collided into our formation . But it only hit nine of us. Wobbling a bit I managed to stay upright, feeling happy to be the last man standing. I had escaped a big bang on the ground.

But the little girl, she was the opposite. She had thought she would get a strike. Her face was crumpled with dissapointment.

My First Day at my First Camp

Yay! it is finally time for me to go to camp. Term 1 is always the time for the year 5&6 camp.I was really happy because I am a year 5. But this year was a little bit different because our school has just turned into an intermediate, so there were year 7's coming on camp as well.

In the morning, of the first day of camp I got to school and there were parents and teachers everywhere. Everyone was helping to set up tents for everyone to sleep in. I looked around the field to see if I could see anyone from my class.Then I saw Ashleigh on the monkey bars so I walked over to her. When I got there I saw my mum spreading out the tents and hammering pegs to hold the tent down. After that I went and helped Miss King to put a tent up because she was getting confused. She had the long poles and short poles together. Then I had to go and hold another tent up for Eta who was right next to Miss King.It was funny because Eta went to grab a hammer from the tent that my mum was putting up, to stick the pegs into the ground. Then my mum stood up and was asking everyone if they had any hammers that she could use. Then she saw that Eta had taken her hammer. Then she came over laughing and took the hammer back. Me and Eta didn't know what to do,so I just went over to my mum to see if there was anything that I could do. She just told me to go to the staff room and get her sweatshirt.
As I walked over to the staff room Te Rina arrived and started walking to me."Hi Te Rina" I shouted. She started running over to me. Then when she got to me I asked her if she could come me to get my mums sweatshirt. After Te Rina and I went to the staff room we saw that everyone was walking to the hall so we turned back around to face the direction that we came from.

When we got to the hall we had to get into our group line,because when we have camp everyone is in a group and there is a theme for it. This years theme was kindness so it was called Camp Kindness. And the group names were TLC which stood for Tender,Love and Care.The other groups were the soul squad,the kind crew,true flavours,team spirit and the considerators, which was my group. The teacher of our group was Mr Barks.I was so excited about starting my day at camp. After that we did a prayer. Finally it was time to go to our first activity for the day. The considerators first activity was Rock-climbing. Then we went to Skate-land and Ten pin Bowling.

My favourite activity for the day was Ten Pin Bowling. Because all of the Considerators got split into groups. My whole group was full of girls. It was really cool because the group in the lane next to us was having a competition with my group to see who got the highest total. The total is the score that adds up every ones individual score. My group ended up winning.We got four hundred and something points. It was a very high score. The person who got the highest individual score was Emilee. Some parents came to our activities as well. My dad came with my group to camp. So at Ten Pin Bowling my dad stayed with my group and helped us. It was awesome at Ten Pin Bowling.

Because Ten Pin bowling was our last activity for the day we had to go back to school after that. I loved my first day at camp. When we got back to school we had to line up at the big food tent to wait for our morning tea. We had a really nice morning tea. It was two biscuits and a piece of fruit. After that we went back to our tents and got ready to go and have a shower. We were going to go down to Tamaki college to have a shower. I hated the showers at Tamaki college. They were really disgusting. But it was fun after we had showers because we got to go to the indoor courts and play with the balls. I was shooting the ball into the hoop. But one time I shot the ball into the hoop and when it came down someone kicked the ball all the way to the other end of the court. Finally it was time to head back up to school. When we got back to the school field we had to go into the hall and practice our item,because all of the groups on camp
had to do an item. I was a little bit nervous because lots of the parents would be there to watch us as well.Oh no! I was saying in my head. When we got to the hall we sat down and tried to think of what we could do for our item. Then Mr Barks said that we should do something using brooms,bins and pans as musical instruments. We were also going to have some dancers that would come on. Everyone thought it was a great idea so we were going to do it. Then we came up with a chant.It was"Considerators,Considerators,Considerators what". Then I came up with a chant. My sister actually taught it to me. Crusader was going to say it on the night of the performance.He had to say"1,2,3,4,people if you want some more say ahh Considerators ahh Considerators". It was really cool. For our performance I was going to use a wooden spoon and hit a pan. It would make a loud high-pitched"ting ting" sound. And Matthew our leader came up with the beat that he would do on the bins. The bins were going to be like drums. Our item was going to be awesome. Now I was really excited about doing our performance.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

KPE Episode 252 : Call of the Cruins

Litia and Makerita, Room 15
"Call of the Cruins" by Elizabeth Pulford is Episode 252 of KPE.
"Call of the Cruins" tells us about the realities of pioneering life in early New Zealand. Emeline Malone (the main character) is a child of the 1880s and this story tells of her everyday life and responsibilities which are so very different to those faced by children today. Life in a sealing community was difficult. In this book Emeline risks her life to save a baby seal. Now she has the responsibility of ensuring its survival. Her determination to keep her secret Cruin alive tests her resourcefulness and ingenuity. Life in a pioneering community, especially one that earns its living from the dangerous job of seal hunting, is harsh. When her father and brother go missing in a boating disaster, Emeline and her family face a very dark future.
Have a listen .....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Netball day

On a sunny Saturday my sister, Alosina had a netball game at the Auckland courts. She plays for the Eastern bays netball team. I went with my mum, my other sister Tinei and my cousin Apa'au.

When we got to the netball courts
I jumped out of the car and slammed the door shut. I could feel a nice breeze blowing in my face. For a while Tinei, Apa'au and I watched my sister warm up because my mum was busy parking the car. For their warm up they practiced intercepting. Intercepting is when you pass the ball then someone else will jump in and get it. It is kind of like piggy in the middle except you have to run and get the ball. After that we walked around to where Alosina would be playing her game. When we got there my mum was still nowhere to be seen. Finally she showed up. Then we sat down and waited for the game to start.
After a while the teams put their bibs on and jogged to where they were meant to be. Alosina was GA(Goal Attack)This meant that she was allowed to shoot.
Finally the umpire blew her whistle and the game was off. The other team was Panmure. After about five minutes Alosina's team had scored lots and lots of points but Panmure hadn't scored one. Then the buzzer went for the end of the first quarter and the opponents still remained scoreless. Alosina's team, Eastern Bays was on fire.
Then the whole team huddled in as a group and talked about what they needed to do better. It was time to go back on court so the teams did a quick cheer and hurried to their spaces. The umpire blew her whistle and the second quarter started. Alosina's team were still thrashing Panmure. It was goal after goal. Eastern Bays were going so good. In this quarter Panmure only got two.
At the end of the second quarter the score was 36-2 to us. I just knew we were going to win this game. We did. The end score was 69-3. Eastern Bays wasted Panmure.
The End

Thursday, April 1, 2010

NZ History

This term room 15 have been learning about the first people to discover New Zealand.Watch this movie to see what we have found out about.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Early Europeans

Room 15 have been finding out about the Early Europeans who came to NZ. We read about the Whalers and Sealers, Missionaries, Settlers and Traders. We wrote scripts as if we were one of these people and recorded our scripts with our animations of the European ships arriving in NZ playing in the background. Mine is one of the ones that was finished and played on P.E.N.N. - our school news programme.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Albert" by William Taylor

Rita and I have chosen "Albert" for our first podcast in 2010.

Joey's Mum loves going to the Refuse Transfer Station (another name for the rubbish dump) because she often finds treasures there. The most valuable treasure Joey and his mother ever found at the dump was Albert, a very suprising cat.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rematch Capture the Flag

"Go" shouted Miss King ,we charged towards the middle of the field like two angry armies wanting to fight. It was the rematch of capture the flag. Room 14 was playing against room 15 on the bottom field on Friday afternoon.
We ran to the middle of the field like a herd of stampeding animals, lots of people stopped but I just kept running because I had no idea what to do. When I ran onto room 14's side I went outside of the cones and got out straight away. Miss King told me to freeze and put my hand up. I was waiting for a long time before Ashleigh finally came and rescued me from room 14's side. After that I just stayed in room 15's safezone for the rest of the game.But once I started to understand the game I just kept trying to tag people so they wouldn't end the game by getting the flag to their side.When one person came onto our side I just ran as fast as I could to try and get them.But when I tried to get one person everyone else from room fourteen ran over to our side. I was getting really annoyed. But as frustrated as I was I just had to keep trying as hard as I could. At the end of the game normally it ends with both teams on each others side trying to come up with a plan to get the flag back to there side.I was getting really bored because I was still guarding from my side.It was so boring because it was just like the game froze.I just wanted to sit down until the game started moving again.Finally the game started moving again but it was room 14 who got the flag back to there side.Room15 were really sad about the game but I was just happy it was over.

By Litia.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to Room 15 Litia. For everyone reading Litia's blog here is a link that takes you to the posts she wrote for her class's blog in Room 12 last year. Click Here