Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My First Day at my First Camp

Yay! it is finally time for me to go to camp. Term 1 is always the time for the year 5&6 camp.I was really happy because I am a year 5. But this year was a little bit different because our school has just turned into an intermediate, so there were year 7's coming on camp as well.

In the morning, of the first day of camp I got to school and there were parents and teachers everywhere. Everyone was helping to set up tents for everyone to sleep in. I looked around the field to see if I could see anyone from my class.Then I saw Ashleigh on the monkey bars so I walked over to her. When I got there I saw my mum spreading out the tents and hammering pegs to hold the tent down. After that I went and helped Miss King to put a tent up because she was getting confused. She had the long poles and short poles together. Then I had to go and hold another tent up for Eta who was right next to Miss King.It was funny because Eta went to grab a hammer from the tent that my mum was putting up, to stick the pegs into the ground. Then my mum stood up and was asking everyone if they had any hammers that she could use. Then she saw that Eta had taken her hammer. Then she came over laughing and took the hammer back. Me and Eta didn't know what to do,so I just went over to my mum to see if there was anything that I could do. She just told me to go to the staff room and get her sweatshirt.
As I walked over to the staff room Te Rina arrived and started walking to me."Hi Te Rina" I shouted. She started running over to me. Then when she got to me I asked her if she could come me to get my mums sweatshirt. After Te Rina and I went to the staff room we saw that everyone was walking to the hall so we turned back around to face the direction that we came from.

When we got to the hall we had to get into our group line,because when we have camp everyone is in a group and there is a theme for it. This years theme was kindness so it was called Camp Kindness. And the group names were TLC which stood for Tender,Love and Care.The other groups were the soul squad,the kind crew,true flavours,team spirit and the considerators, which was my group. The teacher of our group was Mr Barks.I was so excited about starting my day at camp. After that we did a prayer. Finally it was time to go to our first activity for the day. The considerators first activity was Rock-climbing. Then we went to Skate-land and Ten pin Bowling.

My favourite activity for the day was Ten Pin Bowling. Because all of the Considerators got split into groups. My whole group was full of girls. It was really cool because the group in the lane next to us was having a competition with my group to see who got the highest total. The total is the score that adds up every ones individual score. My group ended up winning.We got four hundred and something points. It was a very high score. The person who got the highest individual score was Emilee. Some parents came to our activities as well. My dad came with my group to camp. So at Ten Pin Bowling my dad stayed with my group and helped us. It was awesome at Ten Pin Bowling.

Because Ten Pin bowling was our last activity for the day we had to go back to school after that. I loved my first day at camp. When we got back to school we had to line up at the big food tent to wait for our morning tea. We had a really nice morning tea. It was two biscuits and a piece of fruit. After that we went back to our tents and got ready to go and have a shower. We were going to go down to Tamaki college to have a shower. I hated the showers at Tamaki college. They were really disgusting. But it was fun after we had showers because we got to go to the indoor courts and play with the balls. I was shooting the ball into the hoop. But one time I shot the ball into the hoop and when it came down someone kicked the ball all the way to the other end of the court. Finally it was time to head back up to school. When we got back to the school field we had to go into the hall and practice our item,because all of the groups on camp
had to do an item. I was a little bit nervous because lots of the parents would be there to watch us as well.Oh no! I was saying in my head. When we got to the hall we sat down and tried to think of what we could do for our item. Then Mr Barks said that we should do something using brooms,bins and pans as musical instruments. We were also going to have some dancers that would come on. Everyone thought it was a great idea so we were going to do it. Then we came up with a chant.It was"Considerators,Considerators,Considerators what". Then I came up with a chant. My sister actually taught it to me. Crusader was going to say it on the night of the performance.He had to say"1,2,3,4,people if you want some more say ahh Considerators ahh Considerators". It was really cool. For our performance I was going to use a wooden spoon and hit a pan. It would make a loud high-pitched"ting ting" sound. And Matthew our leader came up with the beat that he would do on the bins. The bins were going to be like drums. Our item was going to be awesome. Now I was really excited about doing our performance.

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