Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Duffy books

Pt. England is very lucky because a group of people called the Bucklands Beach Lions Club, gives us two free books every term. They raise money to buy the books and then we have a special Duffy hero assembly to get them and thank the people that gave them to us. For a special treat, at every assembly we have there is a kind of celebrity. This time we had Alison Quigan, who you probably know as Evon on Shortland Street. She told us about how she not only acts, but also directs, produces and writes. The two awesome books that I got are called EJ12: In The Dark and Accidentally Fabulous. Hopefully you can hear about them in my next podcasts. I would just like to say a massive thank you to the Bucklands Beach Lions Club.

Friday, September 23, 2011

How Was The Haka Invented?

Room 17 have been finding out about the Haka, which is a maori war dance the New Zealand rugby team, do before every game. We got in to groups and each got given a part of the story to make a movie about. The shorter movie is my one. It is about Te Rauparaha, the man who invented the haka, trying to escape his enemies. Then he asks another tribes chief to hide him. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Australia Vs Ireland

On the 17th of September the Australian Wallabies will take on Ireland at Eden park in Auckland. My prediction is that it will be a close game but I have a feeling that the Wallabies will win and the score will be 23-17.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup:The Opening Ceremony

I'm not a huge fan of playing rugby but I LOVE to watch it. Especially when it's the start of the Rugby World Cup 2011, there's a huge opening ceremony and our awesome All Blacks are playing. I am watching it right now and it is absolutely amazing, all of the lights and effects are so clever. We may be a small country but we can definitely put on an awesome show. My sister is so lucky she is actually at the game, but it is still awesome to watch from home. I'm sure the All Blacks are going to win so I just want to say GO ALL BLACKS!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rugby World Cup Kick Off

Tomorrow, Friday 9th September, is the start of the Rugby World Cup 2011. There will be a massive celebration The first game is New Zealand Vs Tonga. It will start with New Zealand's Haka and Tonga's chant. Tonga's supporters are really full on and so is the teams defense, but I think the All Blacks can be powerful in both attack and defense. So my prediction is that the All Blacks will win 85-10.