Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fine Dining on Kawau

I don’t think I had ever tasted bread quite like this in my whole life. Every morning the smell of Mr Coop’s, our chefs, bread made you want to take a detour on our run and get to the dining room. It was delicious.

Everyone was very well fed at camp, with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and of course dessert. To my surprise I ate every meal. Doing all these activities really does make you hungry.

My favourite meal was the dinner we had on the first night. It was made up of some lamb, peas, potatoes and carrots. Plus it was the first time that we tasted Mr Coop’s heavenly bread. If only he was my chef.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rafting Success

Only one group had made a raft, that got out to the pontoon and back to the beach. So that made me think that this was going to be really difficult. Come on Bentzon.

We had 8 barrels, a bucket of rope and some thick sticks to make a raft. First we tied all the sticks together, and then we put the barrels on. Tieing these ropes was not like tieing your shoelaces. We pulled them so hard that water came out.

Being the smart people that we are, we tested our raft by flipping it over. Two of the barrels fell out. We just tied them back on, and with our fingers crossed, took it down to the water.All our hard work payed off when we got to the pontoon and back successfully.

Biggest Panic Ever

One look at the sailing boats made me think,”this is way too complicated”. To help get me through this process, Serena and I sailed together. I was in charge of controlling the sail and Serena steered us. Fingers crossed we wouldn’t capsize.

I didn’t really know what I was doing, so every time the sail flung over to the other side Serena and I would scream and shout. It wasn’t that I didn’t listen to the instructions, it was just a bit confusing for me. This sport was probably something that I would do once for fun.

Challenge: Sail to the opposite side of the beach. My thoughts: WHY? We got closer and closer to where the bigger waves were. I was scared that our boat would tip, and I would get caught under it. Luckily Serena and I got to the other side and back without capsizing. I was so relieved!

Monday, November 21, 2011

First Day Nightmare

As soon as the year 6's got to Camp Bentzon on Kawau island, it wasn’t time to swim, check out our cabins or play volleyball, we had to go on a massive tramp through the bushes. HELP!!

My legs were dying, and I felt like collapsing. So when we stopped to have a rest ,hopefully we were going back to the camp, but no. Apparently we were only a quarter of the way.

Finally we made it to the beach, where we got to eat and play. I ended up skimming rocks and eating oysters right from the shells.They were delicious! But what I didn’t realise, was that we had to walk back the way we came. Not my favourite part of camp.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Superhero Comic

This movie shows pictures of three superheroes, Wonder Woman, Superman and Wolverine. the only way to kill Wolverine is to remove his head from his body. Supermans weakness is Kryptonite which comes from his planet Krypton. A weakness of Wonder Woman is if her silver bracelets are bonded together. Another problem that she has is if she gets shot it will kill her.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Did you know that you can eat comets? Not the real ones, don’t be silly. Room’s 16 and 17 were lucky enough to get to make ice cream comets, using ice-cream for the ice, smashed biscuits for the rocks and a cone for the tail. I’m pretty sure the real ones orbiting space aren’t nearly as nice as the ones we had.

Everyone seemed to have the same thought that I did, can’t we eat them already! As some people crushed the biscuits with a rolling pin, my stomach was growling and getting very impatient. The icy goodness was beginning to get to hard to resist.

After a while it just felt like Miss Garden was teasing me. Then it was finally my turn, I got a scoop of freezing chocolate ice-cream and headed outside to Mr Sommerville. This was quite a messy job as we had melting ice-cream in our hands, plus a spoon full of crushed biscuits and sprinkles. Luckily I got the ice and rocks in to the tail before it fell apart.

Looking around while eating my comet, I realised how much of a mess we had made. The food that we were meant to be eating ended up all over our hands, on the ground and even in the suage drain. Hopefully I wouldn’t be the unfortunate person to have to clean it all up.

Our ice-cream comets were really messy but still delicious, and who knows, maybe next we’ll be making the Sun. I wonder what we would use for that?