Monday, November 21, 2011

First Day Nightmare

As soon as the year 6's got to Camp Bentzon on Kawau island, it wasn’t time to swim, check out our cabins or play volleyball, we had to go on a massive tramp through the bushes. HELP!!

My legs were dying, and I felt like collapsing. So when we stopped to have a rest ,hopefully we were going back to the camp, but no. Apparently we were only a quarter of the way.

Finally we made it to the beach, where we got to eat and play. I ended up skimming rocks and eating oysters right from the shells.They were delicious! But what I didn’t realise, was that we had to walk back the way we came. Not my favourite part of camp.

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  1. So did you get to swim at the Beach? I know that was the part that everyone always looked forward to after a long hot walk. I hope you're going to write the rest of the week too :)
    Love Mum x