Friday, September 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup:The Opening Ceremony

I'm not a huge fan of playing rugby but I LOVE to watch it. Especially when it's the start of the Rugby World Cup 2011, there's a huge opening ceremony and our awesome All Blacks are playing. I am watching it right now and it is absolutely amazing, all of the lights and effects are so clever. We may be a small country but we can definitely put on an awesome show. My sister is so lucky she is actually at the game, but it is still awesome to watch from home. I'm sure the All Blacks are going to win so I just want to say GO ALL BLACKS!!!!


  1. I am at the game too Litia and thrilled to see you live blogging. Awesome effort. It is incredible to be a part of this event. Mrs Burt

  2. Awesome Litia, I am down at the cloud in the city watching the game with 12,000 other people and it is amazing. Awesome to see you sharing your thoughts about the RWC. Keep it coming :-)

    Miss G :-)