Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock our World Row12 WOW

During the weekend the year 5&6 extension group had a family night to finish off this fantastic round of Rock our World. This is the fifth round of ROW that Pt. England has been apart of. This round was called Walk our World(WOW).It was all about designing a shoe based on the theme change. We also had to get into groups, design another shoe and do a little advertisement to try and sell the it.In my group it was only Mubasshira and I. The whole extension group also had to had to make an ad as well. This is what we showed at the family night to everyone else that took part in Rock our World. Here are my my reflections for ROW12

What did I do well?

In ROW I think I did a good job designing my shoe.

How could I have improved on what I did?

I could have designed my shoe based more on the theme of "change".

Brick Wall

What held you back from doing better?

What held me back was being really shy and not standing up and taking all of the oppurtunities that I should have.


What is the purpose in taking part of ROW?

.Connecting with people around the world.

.Learning from other people who have been successful since they were children like us.

.Meeting world famous people.

.Getting good oppurtunities all through life.


  1. Hi Litia!
    I'm so glad you participated this year! I always love working with the students at your school! I thought you did a fantastic job! I'm very proud of you!
    Carol Anne McGuire

  2. Hi Carol Anne,

    Thank you so much for the comment. This round of ROW was awesome. I had so much fun participating in it and I can't wait for next time. I wish I could have come to the family night,but unfortunately I was sick. I hope you can come back to my blog soon.


  3. Hi Litia
    I think you did a great job on your shoe, its better than what I can draw. Keep up the great work my best,best,best friend.