Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Last Netball Game on the Sideline

Yay!!Finally it is the last time that I have to painfully watch my netball team play without me. If you're wondering why I haven't been playing for the last 5 weeks it is because I broke my arm. I have got a bright green cast on it now. It is really annoying. Luckily I am getting it off on Tuesday the 8th of June. One of the worst parts was that I broke my arm on the same week that our first netball game was, plus I am the vice-captain. But it will all be over soon. Tonight (3rd of June 2010)is the last game that I have to watch from the sideline. Or second to last because my arm might still be weak and skinny when this cast comes off. My worst fear is that my arm will be really hairy.Ugh!!

I hope that my team wins this game. Apparently we are playing a team called Victoria at 5:05 on court 7. Vivienne said that they were easy. I was pretty happy when she said that.

Finally the bell went for after school. I walked quickly and quietly out into the walkway to wait for my team. But when I got there none of my team were there. Not even our coach,Miss Tito. I ran around to the car park to see if anyone was coming out of room but no one was. So I just went back to the walkway. Finally two netball people came. It was Mary and Ramona. "Hi" I shouted to them. After that I actually went all the way up to room 15 and then everybody came rushing out. Then I saw Vivienne. "finally, the bell went ages ago" I said to her laughing.We both had a race back to the walkway. The whole team was there now. So we all just sat down and ate a snack while we waited for our uniforms. Then Mrs Jarman came out with the big red box of uniforms. Everybody raced over to the box and tried to get their ones. Finally people started racing off to the toilets to get changed. After that my team had a little warm up and then we would drive down to the Auckland Netball courts to play our game. My mum took me in her car because there wasn't enough space to go with my team in the cars they were going in. I was about to freeze. Luckily I had a big warm coat to wear. When I got to the netball courts my mum gave me and my brother some money to go and get some hot chippies. They were D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. When I had my chips I walked around to try and find my team. Then I found them. After they had a small warm up it was game time. Everyone ran to there starting positions and waited for the umpire to blow her whistle. "GO PT. ENGLAND" I shouted at my team. The sub for our team was Rita so I was cheering on the sideline with her. We were both shouting so loud. I really wanted my team to win this. "DEFENCE" I kept screaming at them. Everyone was doing really well. It was cool because the year six diamonds were on the court right next to us. So sometimes I would turn around and watch their game for a while. Finally the first half was over. The team all had a little drink and a talk about what we were doing well and what we could do a bit better. When we finished the team all huddled together and did our cheer. Our teams name was ALL STARS so our cheer was,"ALL STARS,ALL STARS,GO ALL STARS"."COME ON GIRLS" I shouted at them as they scrambled to their starting positions. The umpire blew her whistle to get the second half up and going. I just knew that the PT. ENGLAND ALL STARS were going to be awesome and win this game. Everything was going smoothly. We were just getting the ball, throwing it nicely into the circle, and shooting it into the hoop. The next sub for the second half was Vivienne but she just stood by her mum most of the time. Then after a while she came over to the sideline with me and cheered on our team for the rest of the game."YAY" we won. I can't remember the score but we did win.

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  1. Hey Litia
    The worst part to hear was when you said you broke your arm. If I played I would say they were easy too. I am glad you guys won. I really want to play netball, tell your mum she is doing great teaching you guys. ALL STARS ALL STARS YOU GUYS ROCK, "GO".