Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cross Country



I sat waiting anxiously on the hard court. My legs were covered with goose bumps as I shivered with cold. Everyone had their house colours on. I am in Takitimu so I was wearing a yellow T-shirt. It was cross country time for Pt. England. When one race started I cheered as herd as I could for my house. But I think I cheered the loudest for Teresa who was in the 10yr old girls race. After waiting for about ten minutes the 9yr old girls got called to get ready to race. Once the boys who were in front of us went out of the gate it was time for us to start. “ On your marks, get set” “BANG!!!” Mr Burt slammed his clappers together. All of the girls were cramped in a big bunch. I tried as hard as I could to get out of the group.Once we got around the field I started to pick up the pace as my legs got use to the squishy mud.

When we got to about halfway I felt like dropping to the ground. But I was determined not to stop. Sometimes my jog almost turned into a walk. I knew that I couldn’t come first in the race but I could definitely come second I just needed to make sure I could sprint near the end. The race was almost over so I felt like a balloon that had almost run out of air. But luckily I still had enough energy to sprint past Tauwhare. After I did that I knew I was going to come second. But then I saw another girl from the nine year olds who was in front of me. I sprinted past her and up to the finish line coming second.

I was happy about coming second but hopefully I can come second next year. The best part about this years cross country was that Takitimu won the house points.GO TAKITIMU!!!!!


  1. Hi Litia,
    This is a great recount I love the way you explained exactly how you were feeling at the various stages leading up to and during the race.
    I felt very proud watching you run and I could tell you had race plan and stuck to it.
    Well done.
    Love Mum

  2. Hi Litia
    What a great story you wrote intresting words that I couldnt read.But made one mistake hard but you wrote it herd.I still like you story about cross country.

  3. Hey Litia

    what a great story. We are both in Taki and we both came second. I'm not saying we came a tie I'm meaning coming second in different age groups.

    Keep up the great work. Teresa

  4. Hi Litia it's me Ramona

    I really like what you did it was a fantastic story that I have read.It was a huge story and I enjoyed reading it.In Cross Country it was a bit horrible,I hope you had a good run because you made your mum proud for coming secound.Keep up the good luck.