Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Second Netball Game

It was the last netball game for the whole season.And only my second. Our opponents were Victoria Ave. They looked really good so I couldn’t wait to get on that court and beat them. My position for the first half was WA(wing attack)and in the second half it was GD(goal defence).But then we found out that we had to play the position that we were meant to play in the first half second and the second one first.

This game was majorly important because if we won our team would be the second best year five team in Auckland!! But it still means that Holy Cross comes first.

Everyone ran into the centre third as soon as the ref blew her whistle. My partner was really fast so she kept me busy inside and out of the shooting circle. When she tried to shoot I was defending her but I kept getting called for obstruction. By half time my team had only scored one goal while Victoria Ave had scored four. “If you don’t kick their butts I’ll kick yours” Ms Tito shouted at us. We quickly did our cheer and got into position.

Our little talk at half time seemed to really help because we kept getting goal after goal. It was amazing. I just knew we were going to win. At the end of the game the score was 12-4 to us. Yay!! So that made The Yr 5 Stars 2nd in Auckland.

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