Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Trip at the Maritime Museum

“I can’t wait to go on the boat” I said excitedly to Vivienne.Rooms 15,18 and 14 were on a trip at the Maritime Museum to learn more about our topic, Mighty Mariners. I was having a great time so far and I knew that the boat was going to be awesome.

Although it was going to be the last thing to do on our trip we had a tour around the Maritime Museum. First up we were led into the museum by a gruff and grumpy man called Salty Sam. He bellowed orders throughout the whole tour ,”Don’t touch that”, Don’t talk” or “Don’t volunteer yourself if you don’t know what your volunteering for”. One of the the things that  Salty Sam talked about on the tour was how Sir Peter Blake was murdered by pirates. It was so sad.

After we finished looking through the whole museum everyone came out to watch a cannon blow up. We all started counting down from ten, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1” BOOM”. I was so suprised at what a big noise it made for such a little cannon.

After watching the awesome cannon we were going to watch a small movie.  Entering the theatre room felt like we were actually at the movies,except for the part that we had to sit on hard wooden forms. There were three massive screens on the wall in the circular room. Suddenly the whole room darkened as the automatic doors started closing. Then I saw Ms Squires sneak in quickly before it was pitch black.

At the start of the movie it was about some polynesians having a farewell before going on a long journey. All of the people were dancing and singing. The men were loading food for their trip like pigs,chickens and fruit. Finally all the people boarded the boat and got ready to sail across the sea. Everyone was waving goodbye to them.

On the journey the people used fishing birds,pods of whales,stars,the sun,and the moon to navigate. Isn’t that amazing! I think it is so cool how people could use all of these things to find land. At the end of the movie the sailors were met by an elderly man who gave the little boy a beautiful taonga.

Finally it was time for the best part on the whole trip. The boat ride. But there was a change of plans. The wind was too rough and the small boat that we were meant to go on only had one engine, but I was happy that that happened because now we were going on a huge ferry!! I had already been on a ferry before. It is really fun,except at night once when I was on a ferry with my family, they were all asleep except my sister and I, it felt like we were going to tip over. When we got onto the ferry everybody sprinted up the steep and small stairs and ran outside. We were all going to Devonport. When we started moving I looked down at the nice white patterns that the engine was making with the waves.When the ferry ride was over I was sad that the trip had finished. Then we got on the bus and went back to school. I almost fell asleep and Vivienne tried to take pictures of me but then I deleted them.

The End


  1. Hi Litia

    I enjoyed reading about your trip to the Maritime Museum. Your writing was very detailed and interesting to read. The Junior team will be heading out on a ferry to Devonport on Thursday. I hope that we have a great time too. Keep up the awesome writing.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  2. Hi Tia,
    What a great detailed recount of your experience. In spite of him being a litlle grumpy, what else did you find out from Salty Sam?
    I really enjoyed the movie too, imagine being on a boat for that long with only the stars to guide you. What do you think the kids aboard did to pass their time?
    I love reading your writing Litia!
    Love Mum