Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two New Pets in the House

On Sunday my Dad,brother and sister left home at about nine o’clock in the morning to buy two baby rabbits. As soon as they got home I ran downstairs to see them. The two rabbits were both females. One was black so my sister named her Coal and the other rabbit was the colour of sand so her name is Sandy. They were so cute. Coal was four weeks old and Sandy was five weeks. The two rabbits are half sisters because they have the same Dad but different Mums. We already had a hutch for them. My Grandad
actually built it for them because a couple of weeks before we bought the rabbits my little brother called him and asked if he wanted to.

The lady that we bought the rabbits off gave us their birth certificates
and we also had to buy food,hay,the water bottle for them and nail
clippers.Coal and Sandy seemed alright with moving into a new home. We
cut up an apple and we grated some carrots to feed them with.

Sandy was very squirmy and when you hold her she keeps climbing up to your
shoulders. I don’t think she really likes being cuddled she just likes
sitting on your lap and she likes my sister,Alosina the best. But Coal
actually loves just being tucked up in your arms and she loves my other
sister Tinei. Now we have three pets in our house and they are all
girls. We have a dog and her name is Jess. When Jess saw the rabbits she
went crazy. We immediately got her out of the room. But she has calm
down. I hope she gets use to her new little room mates because they are
going to be living together for the rest of their lives.


  1. Hi Litia,
    Your 2 new additions to your household are soooo cute. I hope Jess gets used to them. Our dog Nala took a while to get used to our cat Honey but now Honey definitely is the one in charge.
    We are having a bit of trouble with publishing your posts properly. Hopefully we can get it sorted.
    Ms Squires

  2. Hi Litia,
    I really love the clever vocab you have used to explain the ways you love your pets. I wish I could have two cut little pets like those. I already know about your dog Jess. Those names are really cool for rabbits. Keep up the good work.
    From Makerita.

  3. Hi Litia Tauwhare here
    i love the movie you put on your blog. Do you know I wished that I had two rabbits just like. Well keep up the great work. Tauwhare.