Friday, November 19, 2010


Finally, after so much hard work from Mr and Mrs Burt, the netbooks have arrived. The lucky year 7’s got to be the first ones to use them. The year 5 extension group got to go into the hall and watch the room 19 and 20 students recieve their computers. They all looked very excited. All I was thinking about was when I would get one.

The netbooks are not just for Pt. England though they are for every yr 5-13 in the Tamaki cluster. And we even get free wireless internet. That means we could go to the park or the shops and still be able to work on our netbooks. Everyone that gets them will be very,very lucky.

The benefits of having these netbooks are being able to continue working at home and collaborate with others,we don’t have to wait to have a turn on the computer at school and we don’t have need much stationery.Plus it will just be really fun!


  1. Malo Litia. Yes our year 7's are fortunate aren't they?! You did a very good job of recording this momentous occasion. Do you remember when Mr Burt first shared this idea? I like you mentioned the notebooks are for our cluster of schools. I have no doubt that your audience further than Pt England will be very excited to read this. I can imagine how you would love to have your very own won't be long Litia. Malo lava le tusitala. Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Mrs Tele'a,

    The year 7's are very lucky to be the first ones to try out the netbooks. I can't wait to get my own. It will be so cool. When Mr Burt announced that we might be getting our very own netbooks I was so excited. I think everyone was. Anyway thanks for the comment.