Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comonwealth minibeasts

This term the school wide inquiry is Little Critters. In extension when the term started the commonwealth games were on, so we names of sports that were being played or competed in at the commonwealth games, in to a hat and then we picked one out of a hat. The one that you got was the one that you had to find a NZ athlete competing in it and or another athlete that was doing that sport and had won a medal. I picked out diving, which I thought was a very cool and interesting sport, and found a girl named Gabrielle Armstrong-Scott who is only a 14 yr old NZ girl from Wellington. And to make our movie relate to our topic we had to say" if my athlete was a minibeast it would be a.....," and say what it would be based on its habitat and lifestyle. Watch my movie to learn more about Gabrielle and what little critter I compared her to.


  1. Wow nice job kid. I think your comparison is a very thoughtful one! I wonder which minibeast she would liken herself to?
    Love Mum

  2. Well done Tia! You speak very clearly and relate your story well. She's pretty cool to be representing her country so young isn't she?
    Love Dad