Friday, November 19, 2010

Halloween with Teresa

“Hi Teresa” I said excitedly as she walked into my house. We ran up the stairs while my dad kept talking to Teresa’s. I went outside to show her my dog Jess and my two rabbits Sandy and Coal.”This is my friend Teresa” I said to my dog.Jess is black and really cute. Once Teresa’s caregiver was gone we went back down stairs to the garage. Then she found Isara’s ripstik and she became addicted to it. She learnt how to ride it really fast.

Later on we drove to the Trunk or Treat that my Aunty To’a had organised for her church. But we got invited anyway Trunk or Treat was something that my aunty had made up. It was when people decorated the back of their cars and the children went around collecting lots of lollies. In one of the trunks this lady had a bowl of jelly with some fake spiders in it. The bowl had a sheet over it so we had to reach in and try to get a spider. I didn't get one I just got a big handful of red gunk on my hand. "Ooh, it was disgusting”. Some other cars had some cool things in them too.

I had so much fun at the Trunk or Treat, especially because Teresa was there, and I hope the next time she comes over to my house we will have as much fun as we did this time.


  1. Hi litai thats a good story about the year 7s trying out our new net books and keep up the hard work.

  2. Hi Litia
    I really like your intresting story you wrote and that I will injoy Trick or Treat because a have'nt been Trick or Treating before never and that next year I will go with my sister Amelia, see you around.

  3. Hi Litia
    Thank you for the comment that you wrote and that I will comment on your blog today and read some long and intresting stories from you and that I will see you on lunch today in the pool playing water polo.