Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Immersion Assembly

On a cold Monday morning the whole school gathered in the hall for the
start of term immersion assembly. Everybody sat down in their lines
waiting patiently for it to begin. All of the teachers were dressed up
as bugs like ants, spiders, bees and lots of other little creatures.
The topic for this term was Little Critters.

Mr Burt came crawling down the aisle dressed up as a mosquito. Then I
heard someone whispering in to a microphone. I didn’t realise that it
was Mr Burt doing it until he got up onto the stage because he had a
mask on. He was saying things to Mr J like “I’m going to suck your

that all of the teams started performing their items. Out of all of the
performances my favourite was team 4. The teachers in team 4 were Ms
Squires, Miss King, Miss Va’afusuaga , Miss Garden and Mr Barks. They
were acting as a bee colony. Mr Barks was the Queen bee and the others
were worker bees. Ms Squires was feeding Mr Barks and Miss King and
Miss Va’afusuaga were dancing while Miss Garden swept the floor. The
funniest part for me was when Mr Barks pulled out babies from under his
skirt. They were just little teddy bears all wrapped up. One time Mr
Barks pulled out two babies and said that they were twins.

second favourite item was the team 3 one. It was called NZ’s Next Top
Little Critter. At first the music was going and the teachers were
walking and posing around the stage. Then Mrs Barks started saying
things like”I’m fabulous” and other things like that because she was a
lady bug. Then everybody started laughing when Mr Barks called out “I
love you” to her. After that the other teachers started saying lots of
interesting facts about themselves. When it was Miss MacKinlay’s turn
she said that they were actually called lady birds.

immersion assembly was really cool and I can’t wait to learn about some
more little critters.I hope this term will be as good as all of the other ones.


  1. A great detailed recount Litia. I can't believe you didn't mention Team 5 though I heard they were pretty funny, or maybe just weird? What did you think?
    keep up the fantastic writing, I can't wait to read more!
    Love Mum

  2. Hi Mum,

    Thanks for coming to my blog again and commenting. Your item was funny how you just slithered across the stage in your sleeping bags. I remember after school on that day I was dragging Isara around your classroom in the sleeping bag. I hope the next immersion assembly we have will be just as good as this one.


  3. Hi litia
    I really like your long and fantastic story that you wrote and it has hard words that I cant read very well.Vist you after.

  4. Hi Mary,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I will definitely visit your one soon. I hope you can come again. Thanks!
    See you soon