Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion Assembly for Term 3

‘Do you know what the topic is called?” I asked Tauwhare as we walked into a hall full of kids gossiping and teachers dressed in the weirdest costumes. I knew what our topic was going to be about, it was about famous explorers, I just didn’t know it’s title. Once everyone settled down and stopped talking Mr Burt shouted “Tena koutou tamariki ma”.”Tena koe Mr Burt” everyone responded back. Immersion assembly for term 3 had started.

First Mr Burt told us about his awesome trip around America. It looked like he had a lot of fun. I wish I could go to America. But one thing that I think Mr Burt wouldn’t have liked was having to sleep on the ground in a hallway at his conference which is what he had to do. When Mr Burt told us about his adventure around America it was like he was an explorer. He had told us about this trip because our topic is Mighty Mariners.

As soon as Mr Burt was finished talking, all of the teams did there little items. My favourite was team 5. Ms Tito was pretending to be Jessica Watson who is a very young explorer. She circumnavigated the world solo when she was only sixteen!! She started in 2009 and finished in 2010. Ms Tito was really funny because she was using a strong Australian accent.

Immersion assembly was so cool and I can’t wait to learn about more mighty mariners.

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  1. Hey Litia great movie it was so funny I couldn't stop watching it thats how funny it was and great piece of writting it is so awesome.