Thursday, December 2, 2010

Interschool Athletics

“Take your marks, get set,BANG!,” It was the interschool athletics for 2010. All of the schools from around Glen Innes had gathered at Pt. England to compete against each other in events like high jump, shot put, discus, softball throw and of course running. I was competing in the 75m sprint and high jump. I was very nervous.

First we started with the 400m run. Four hundred metres is two laps around the field. Lucky I didn’t have to do it. On the running tracks every time someone from Pt. England sprinted pass I would cheer so hard for them.Then finally “ 9yr old girls for the 75m heats,” called Mr J on the loud speaker.I walked slowly down to the start of the tracks with Serena, who is another nine yr old. She is really fast.. My heart was beating really fast. “ Please get into the final, please get into the final,” I said over and over again in my head. Finally all of the nine yr old girls got up and sat behind the line at the start of the tracks. In the heats each school is given a lane that all of the kids use from that school. Pt. England people raced in lane 4. “Take your marks, get set,BANG!,”. I was off, sprinting as fast as I could. My heart was pounding as I raced past all of the Pt. Englanders.”Go Litia,” they all shouted. At the end of the race I ended up coming 2nd, but sadly in the finals I didn’t come anything.

Finally it was morning tea time but after it was time for high jump. I hoped that I would come something in this event. The problem was that I was in the relays and that was going on at the same time that I was doing high jump. But luckily it all worked out but I just had to keep going back and forth. In the U10 relays Pt. England came 2nd to Glen Innes primary. Then I went back to the high jump. The other person from Pt. England that was in the high jump was Huelo-ata. In the school athletics she came 1st and I came 2nd but at interschools Huelo-ata came 3rd, a girl from Glen Innes primary came 2nd and I came 1st!! I was extremely happy.

I had an awesome time at athletics getting to compete against other girls my age from around the Tamaki cluster. I can’t wait for next year.

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  1. Malo Litia. You did extremely well in the zone athletics. I watched as you had to go from one event to another. I thought that you coped so well, remaining very focused on whichever event you had to go to. Well done Litia. I like how you wrote about the placings for high jump. Malo lava le fa'amalosi Litia.
    Mrs Tele'a