Thursday, May 26, 2011


After our long day, sight-seeing, everyone was ready to have dinner. But it wasn’t just any dinner, it was dinner at the Wellington Koru lounge. We had been at the Koru lounge in Auckland that morning but we didn’t really have enough time to enjoy it because we had to board the plane. But when we got to the Wellington Koru lounge we still had another two hours until our flight.The room was packed with people in suits and laptops. Lots of people were looking at us because there weren’t many children there.

For my dinner I had rice with beef stew. It was really nice. But the dessert was even better. I had a little trifle, it had a little rasberry cake at the bottom with custard on the top. I also had a really nice louise slice. I can’t really explain it but, it was delicious.

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