Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Super Swimming

Swimming, not exactly my favourite sport. But I guess it’s better than staying at school and doing work, plus it’s good exercise. And, maybe we’ll get free time, I thought to myself. Swimming can be pretty fun.... sometimes.

I was sitting on the edge of the pool, with my legs lazily dangling off the edge, when suddenly Mr Marks, our instructor in the big pool said, “Alright,Litia it’s time to get in the pool”. With a splash I was in the water trying to get warm by jumping around a little bit, until I got used to it. With my goggles on, and a powerful push off the wall I was off down the side of the pool.

Yay, I thought to myself as I looked up and saw the end of the pool was so close. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t been swimming for ages,so I was panting and wanted to just flop down and float in the pool. But I had to go back to the end of the line, so with a huge push I was out of the water dripping, and exhausted.

“Go Vivienne,go”, I shouted as I walked back to our line. Sitting down I watched my friends swim as I cheered them on. Whenever one of them stopped halfway, I made sure I kept cheering them on till they got to the end. All of them swum really, really well.

At first I didn’t really want to go swimming, but in the end I actually liked it and was looking forward to the next sessions.

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