Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redesigning My Netbook Bag

Our task today was to use our imagination and the B.A.R key to redesign our netbook bag. I made the whole case bigger, I added wheels and a remote .But the remote can also be used for the two screens on the front of my new and improved bag. I also replaced the zip for a magnetic lock that is strong enough to hold your netbook in but also fine to open.

The whole point of making the bag bigger was so that you can put things like your charger or your mouse in. Adding the wheels obviously makes things a lot easier, because it would save you time by you not having to walk a long way to go and get it. Having the screens just makes life fun, by having a screen to watch any movies you want and the other for your favourite T.V programmes, everyone would want something like this. Our zips go too far around our case so they take forever to open, that's why the magnetic lock is good,it looks smart and is easy and fast to open.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent work! I love the idea of the magnetic lock, it is very convenient! Keep up the good work.

    Miss Ouano : )