Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marble Track Challenge

First we will roll up 4 pieces of newspaper.Two will be going vertical, and the other two will go horizontal . The tape will be used on the table and the 3 bends. Vivienne will be in charge of the cello tape and how much to use, Marvin will be in charge of the paper and making the tubes and I will be in charge of the structure and which way the paper should go. Our aim is to make it strong and stable.

What we did:
Vivienne cut the cello tape into lots of little pieces so that we would have more, Marvin rolled up the paper into thin tubes so that they would be easier to fit into the other ones. I was the one that made sure Vivienne used the tape wisely and that Marvin used the paper well. Our track was very successful and got shown in front of our whole class.

1 comment:

  1. How cool Litia. After reading your post here I'd be able to try it myself. Your instructions are very clear. I love the added diagram as well, you cover all bases! It's great that you got to share your model in front of the whole class - it must have been a very good example. Keep up the good work Litia, love the way you think and work things out.