Friday, March 4, 2011

First Glee rehearsal

For the first time yesterday, glee rehearsals started after school. Our teacher is Miss Muliaumaseali’i. She always says that if you want to be in glee club you have to have the big”C”(confidence).We practised the fast version of our “Stop,Look and Listen” dance and we learnt the new, very slow, version. It was so much fun!

First of all we had to get into our lines and audition. I was really nervous. My whole line was split into two groups. Vivienne,Rita, Mele and I stood up ready to start dancing. Miss M told us not to look at her ,but to look at the pattern on the wall of the hall. We started doing our dance but I didn’t do it as well as I could have because I kept looking at Miss M. She let us try it again and this time I focused on the wall and what move came next. I got to sit back down again and watch the year 5’s audition.

Some people got sent to the other side of the hall and others, like me, just stayed where we were. The people that didn’t stay where they were first went out onto the field and practised the dance. We did the same thing in the hall over, and over again. One of the things we had to do was find a partner and do the dance. We were challenging each other and kind of practising being serious and not giggling in the middle of our dance. It was a good practice.

We have our first performance in front of the school in week 9 or 10 so we have to be ready.I had so much fun at our first glee rehearsal and I can’t wait till our next one!


  1. Sounds like you are in for a very busy and fun year. Good on you for trying out for all these cool opportunities.

    Have fun with Glee!

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Litia,

    It was awesome at Glee, Toreka, Miss King and I can't wait till we make our movie. It is going to be awesome. Glee is such a cool club that the actual person inside us will come out. You will dance perfectly on our first performance. I'm looking forward to glee this week. Keep it up.

    Your Sincerely,

  3. Hi Litia I really liked the way you described how much you like glee. I like glee just like you because it is so cool and has very exciting music. I think you are really good at glee because of your flexible body.


  4. Hi Litia
    I really liked hearing about Glee.I went to go and see it but i'm not really that C confident.My best friend Tyla-Marie is in Glee.Anyway I can't wait to see your preformance.You are great at sport and so your probably going to be great at glee is well!Great Work!