Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 3 of Camp: Last day of camp and activities

Waking up, sad that camp was almost over but excited to do the activities away from school, I got dressed and got my day pack ready. First up on the schedule for the day was Skate-land, and then the recreation centre. Unfortunately we were missing out on racket ball. I was just hoping that our other two activities would be cool.

My favourite activity for the day was the recreation centre. Our instructors name was Roy. We played lots of games like, octopus, ant hospital, dodge-ball, basketball, soccer and hockey. All of the games were really fun, and in some games instead of tagging people just with your hand we used pool noodles. The best game for me was ant hospital.

I had no idea how to play this game so I was really excited to learn about it. In this game there are four people in at a time. Everybody just runs around anywhere they want. But if you get tagged you have to put your hand on the place that you were tugged. That is the same when you get tagged the second time. Then on the third time you have to lie down on the ground and wait for someone to rescue you. Only two people can rescue you and then they have to drag you into one of the big black circles which are called the hospitals. It was so fun!

There was half an hour left to play some games. First we had to get into pairs and then sit opposite each other. You and your partner would have the same number but you would be in different teams. My team were the bands team. This is how the game worked. Roy would call out a couple of numbers, and if it was your number you and your partner would have to run to the end of the court and play either basketball,soccer or hockey. I played hockey and scored a point for my team. Then to finish our activity off we had a huge game of soccer with three balls.

I had an awesome time at camp, and it was even better to be a leader for my group. Now I can’t wait for the rest of the camps that I am going to go on during the rest of the year.

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