Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 2 of Camp: First day of activities

“ Who Let the Dogs Out”, the music played loudly as the second day of the yr 5 & 6 camp, and the first day of activities began with some Jump Jam. My group, the Responsible Rockers ,were staying at school to do things like orienteering, camp cooking and kayaking. I was a little bit anxious about the orienteering because last year my partner and I got it completely wrong and we had to start all over again.

The Responsible Rockers all went to the Tusitala meeting room to learn how to do orienteering. I chose to work with Te Rina. Everyone looked at the screen as they walked in, where it said,”Orienteering, a game of Skill not Speed”, I thought that was very true. Mr J started talking about how to use the compass. It all started coming back to me, about which arrow you follow, where the compass needle always points, and how to use the compass rose. So then it just started getting really boring, sitting there when you already know how to use it.

Finally we got to have a practise. We got to the 3rd red card, put down the letter, and then turned the compass rose. But it pointed to the first card we were at. Checking over and over until Mr J
blew his huge sheep horn, to signal that our practise was over. I was really nervous that we were going to stuff it up in the real one now. Not twice in a row!

“ No it’s not that card it’s the other one”, “Who cares lets just go there”, Te Rina and I stood by the tree arguing over which way we were meant to go. Miss King came over to help us.The people that she was working with were already finished. As frustrating as it was, we had to start all over again. In the end we didn’t finish the whole thing, but I still had fun. The words were, “Be responsible and take charge”.

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  1. I liked it how you girls maintained your positivity even though you had become muddled along the course. Orienteering is really tricky. I remember I once did a Secondary Schools competition at One Tree Hill and got completely lost - turned out that the marker was right in front of me! Dumb!
    Thanks for being an amazing camp leader and all your work on our team item - is that post still to come?