Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch earthquake

Yesterday another devastating earthquake hit Christchurch, turning Tuesday 22nd February into New Zealands darkest day. Many died and others were badly injured. Everyone was traumatised and frightened by the disaster

Buildings all over the city crumbled to the ground and left debris everywhere. Beautiful old structures like the cathedral collapsed. Streets are trashed with rubble and you can hardly see the roads.

There are 75 confirmed deaths and 300 missing. The search and rescue teams main focus is rescueing the survivors that were trapped.This event is heart-breaking for everyone around the world.


  1. Hey my name is Brittany Hamilton and I live in the United States in a state called Alabama. I am going to college to become an elementary teacher. I got assigned to comment on your blog for one of my classes. I'm glad I got assigned to your blog! Reading through your older posts about Christchurch and this one has really touched my heart. You seem like a genuinely sweet kid. I hate what has happened over there. It must be very traumatic for all of you. My thoughts and prayers are with the people over there as well. I did not realize that so many people were still missing. I hope that rescue teams are able to find them soon and that they are still alive. It is sad to see these gorgeous buildings in ruins. I hope things get better over there real soon. Keep up the good work with your blogs. I really enjoyed reading them.

  2. Hi Litia,
    You are right it is a devastating disaster. It was a really sad day to know that some NZ citizens suffered the consequences of that earthquake. This is a very nice post and I hope that the rescuers find some survivors.

    That's all I can say.
    If you want to check out my post that I did on the earthquake click on my link that I made. Bye