Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holiday Highlight

During the holidays I went to my Aunty’s batch. At the start of every year my family goes there. It is always so fun. One thing we always like to do is going to the waterhole. There are three that we go to the most. But my favourite is the Wekaweka one. That one is awesome! I like it because there is a rope swing hanging from a tree branch and you jump off of a big boulder, swing and then let go to drop in to the water. So I was so excited to be going there again.
“Yay, finally we are here”. As soon as we got to the waterhole I quickly put my stuff down and went straight to the rope swing. But I didn’t get on it right away. I was really, really nervous. Plus it wasn’t my first time though. It took me a long time to actually get on the rope. Then eventually I grabbed it,hopped up on to the huge boulder, and jumped. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. “SPLASH!” I dropped in to the cold,but refreshing, water. I swam to the surface and climbed back up to the rope swing. It was so fun, I just had to do it again. My Grandad was telling me to do as many turns on the rope as I could before I had to drop. I could only do one and half.

After a couple more swings on the rope another family joined as at the waterhole. They had a really cute dog. He was really funny because when a person jumped into the water he quickly swam to them barking and trying to rescue them. It was really noisy.

When I got tired of the water I went and climbed over all of the rocks to see what my cousin,Connor, and brother, Isara, were doing. They were trying to catch eels. I remembered from the last time we came to this waterhole and someone found a dead possum floating on the water!YUCK! It looked like a hunter had shot it because it had a hole in it’s neck. So my older cousin,Jared, found a stick and started poking it to squeeze the blood out of it. Lots of eels came so he tried to grab them with his hand, but he didn’t get any.

Anyway, Connor was using a fishing rod and ham for his bait. Every time he got an eel they kept slipping out of the net. Connor kept getting the eels and putting them in mine and my sister’s face. We screamed so hard. So when the eels kept slipping out of the net Connor got a bag to put them in. He got a really big one and to kill it he was smacking it’s head against the rock. I thought that was pretty mean and so did my older cousin Jared so he told Connor to stop it. He did and amazingly the eel was still alive.

In the end they didn’t get any eels. It was so fun at the waterhole and I can’t wait till next time when we go back there.


  1. Hi Litia hope you had fun in the holidays what I done in the holidays was going swimming to.


  2. What a lovely picture, where was that taken? Was that near your house or something? It sounds like you spent a lot of time on your story, great work! I like how you describe the part in the story where you were jumping into the nice clean river. I like it when you use interesting long words it sometimes makes me laugh and want to read more.

    love from Caroline Tea