Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scotland Can't Finish Off

This was a game that at first I didn’t really care who won. My whole family got to go to the England and Scotland rugby game at Eden Park, which would determine who got in to the quarter finals. But Scotland had to win by at least eight points.

The Scotland fans went all out to support their team, wearing wigs, kilts and even beer cans! When Scotland had the lead there was a lot of teasing from the fans to the England coach, which I thought was pretty funny. Some people liked them so much that they got pictures with the supporters.

Not a single try was scored in the first half, so all of Scotland’s points were from penalties. Even though England got a lot of opportunities, Jonny Wilkinson just wasn’t very on to it that night. Scotland needed to win by eight points and nearly everyone was sure that they could do it in the second half.

The second half wasn’t very different to the first...... except that England got a try. Suddenly a sea of red and white flags rose to the air and there was loads cheering from the England supporters. There wasn’t much Scotland could do as there was only two minutes left.

Unfortunately, Scotland couldn’t come away with a win and lost 12-16. But I think they played a lot better compared to England.

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