Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My reading group have been reading a book called The Bittern. It is about a man getting the wetlands named after his last name. He gets this because when he was a young farmer everyone else drained their swamps to get more land, but this man thought ahead and didn't. He knew that there were lots of birds that for them, the wetlands were their home. So this is a presentation showing information about Bitterns which were native birds to New Zealand.


  1. Nice job Litia. I wonder what other species have been wiped out by people being irresponsible?
    Keep exploring and finding out.
    Luv Mum x x

  2. Hi Mum,

    Thanks for the comment. I wonder if any other species are extinct, or maybe it's just the New Zealand bittern? Maybe I can do some more research and tell you about it soon.
    Thank You