Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life Without a Netbook

Now that Pt. England  have netbooks it is so much easier to share our learning with the whole world. Before we had to write it up in our book, sometimes we would get to copy it on to the computer and then publish the piece on our blog. It might take about a week just to get one post on. Now we post all the time.

I have loved having a netbook for heaps of reasons, one of them being because we don’t have to keep asking the teacher what we’re doing. We can just go on to our class site and see. They can be used for so many things, like the dictionary, research for our e-Learning tasks and Tux Paint. Our netbooks have helped us be very independent.

Nearly everything is great, but there is one thing that I think could be improved. That is the Internet connection. Sometimes when the whole class is trying to get on to the google docs it gets a bit slow. If that was sharpened up, everything would be even faster.

Netbooks actually make learning fun, especially compared to last year. It use to be so boring just writing and writing, now it’s easy and fast to type everything. I can hardly imagine going back to pencils and paper.

Even though everything to do with our netbooks isn’t perfect, it is way better then going back to when it would take a week to get a post on our blogs. So please, please don’t take our netbooks away.


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