Thursday, August 4, 2011

Will the RWC Tournament Benefit NZ?

I believe that New Zealand hosting the Rugby World Cup 2011, will benefit our country in many ways. Firstly, we will obviously get money for NZ and that means we can help Christchurch to rebuild, we will get more money for the school, and businesses,especially pubs and bars, will be very successful. Another positive reason, is that this will help NZ socially. There are teams coming from all over the world, so they will have supporters with them. So maybe if they like it here they will come back again. Overall, if New Zealand wants to make the Rugby World Cup successful they have to," Keep Their Eye On The Ball!!".

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  1. I think you're right Tia there will be numerous benefits for us as a Nation. I should imagine the restaurants and eating places will do well out of it too.
    Keep thinking carefully about things my girl.
    Mum x x