Monday, July 11, 2011


Yay! Finally, this is the last week of term 2. My sister, Tinei, is already on her holidays, because she gets a 3 week break. During the holidays my other sister, Alosina, has a netball tournament, so we are all going to Hamilton to watch her. We might be staying down there for one night, so we can do some sight-seeing.


  1. I'm excited about the Holidays too Tia! The countdown is on. Maybe we'll make it to the Hamilton Zoo like you wanted to last week. You could check out the cost for us!
    x x

  2. How cool, I love the zoo. I am in Poland and I am going to the zoo tommorrow. Hope you had a great holiday i am so far. I LOVE NETBALL!!!

    Love Terix

  3. it's the first of August here in Poland so there is a time different. I forgot to add this in,it's 7:07pm here.