Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Courtyard Edition

Rm 17 has been given the opportunity to redesign the courtyard in front of our classroom. We were all separated in to groups to plan what we wanted in our courtyard, and my group is made up of Ashleigh, Chante and I. These are some of the ideas that we came up with:

We chose to put round picnic tables in our design. My group liked this idea because we wouldn't be on the ground where people drop their food and stand all over it with their dirty feet, like we are on now with the deck. I think we need tables because we can sit with our friends in a nice little group and it won't be a really dirty place to eat. We found a table that is round, can fit 8 people and for four tables plus shipping is $2232. The website that I found the table on is called amazon.com.

Bigger Grass Area:
Having tables would be really cool, but it would be even better to have it on grass. I really want a bigger grass area to replace our deck because it would be nicer to run and play on, and because if we fell over it wouldn't hurt as much. My group are still researching prices and companies that will be able to give us what we want, so hopefully we can find the right people.

Basketball Hoop:
Having a basketball hoop would make our courtyard a very fun place to play and more people would want to play there. Ashleigh found a great hoop that is $297, and it also comes with a backboard. But Miss Garden suggested that we just paint the backboard on. The website that the hoop came from is called sports distributor.com.

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  1. Hi Litia, I enjoyed reading about our courtyard plan! I bet you are excited that some one will come in on thurday to do a quote for the concrete!

    Take care,

    Miss Ouano : )