Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New School, New experiences

I just finished a 3 day I.C.T course at my new school, St. Cuthberts College. I loved it because I met lots of new people, including a girl named Kyana who is going to be in the same class as me. I am so lucky because now I've got my own MacBook Pro. It's so cool and has some funny new effects on Photo Booth.

At the course I learned about an application called Fireworks. It is similiar to Photoshop and heaps of fun. I even made this movie which shows Mumble the penguin(off Happy Feet) dancing. It's not that great but I had a lot of fun making it.


  1. Hi Litia,
    Its great to hear you are doing well. Your animation looks really cool. I hope you have fun. Keep up the gresat work.

    Vivienne :D

  2. Jump and move! Go Litia! A 3 day course already! It's great that you're enjoying your new school and having a lot of fun. A very cute animation. We'll have to give Firewords a go too here at Pt England. You have the best time at your new school, make a lot of good friends and keep us posted. Ia manuia lava le tausaga, taumafai mo mea sili i taimi uma. Faamanuia atu le Atua ia te oe ma lou aiga atoa. Alofaaga mo oe Litia, O Mrs Tele'a.

  3. Hi Litia, your mum was telling me all about your ICT Course, sounds and looks amazing. All the best for a super start at St Cuths - I know that you are going to be amazing!

  4. Hi Litia,
    I am so pleased and proud to see you posting about your new experiences! What a great start you have had. I did have a wee laugh when you said "it's not that great"... you have become used to a very high standard of graphics :) I know you will have a great year and make everyone who knows you proud.

    Mrs Burt